Pepto-Bismol Cottage, Tybee Island


Almost every year of my life I have spent a week or more on Tybee Island, GA. I was born in Savannah and when my family moved away they bought a place on Tybee Island. It has changed quite a bit over the years with most of the island homes under construction at some point. Now the south side is mostly vacation rentals renovated and painted in bright colors. I was out in the morning one day taking pictures and came across this cottage. One of the neighbors said it used to be a peach color and referred to it now as “pepto-bismol.” The house next door was being renovated and this one seemed to be abandoned. It looked like the owner gave it one last go and then just gave up. There are several cottages in this style with one saying it was built in 1930. So I assumed it was from the 1920’s or 30s. There were a couple grapefruit trees near it with a pile of old fruit on the ground. Someone renovating the house next door gave me one as a souvenir. This pepto-bismol house had a spirit and a story that I wanted to paint.


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Artist working in GA

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