Gouache and monotype

Blue Heron and Late August Pastures
Gouache monoprint 5×7 inches

It has been a while since I have done monotype or any kind of printmaking. I am interested in hand printing because of the direct process. Supplies include a water tray, metal spoon for printing, paper, a plastic plexiglass plate, and paint. In college I was introduced to gouache by a professor that has greatly influenced my work. It became a an alternative to oil because it is heavily pigmented, vibrant, but water based. Lately I have been incorporating animals into my landscapes. Working from a photograph and very little water I applied a layer of paint to the plate. A couple of layers is usually enough to transfer the image. I soaked a piece of arches cold press 140 weight in water for 20 minutes. I blotted the paper and placed it on top of the dry painted plate. Then I applied pressure to the back of the paper with the metal spoon. I find that a metal spoon works better than a wooden one. The result is always a little different. After it has printed I went back into to add some wildlife to the scene. The ghost image can be repainted in another color and printed later. I have left some plates with a ghost image on them for up to a week before reworking the image. This is one of the advantages of water based mediums over oil.


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Artist working in GA

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